April 22, 2008

Curling Today's first birthday

Happy birthday! Yes, it was exactly one year ago, on April 22, 2007, that the Curling Today blog first appeared. I made my first blog post then, very tentatively, it should be said. I knew that the Scottish Curler magazine needed an online presence, and a blog seemed a good way to disseminate news.

I had two questions, apart from the 'how to do it'. Would there be any items of interest to curlers in Scotland over the summer months and into the new season, and would anyone read them in the blog? As we get close to the 500 post mark (this is number 493) I can say yes, there has been lots to talk about this past year!

The blog has been predominantly factual in its content, only very occasionally does my own opinion creep in. I feel that opinion is best in the magazine, or in the Scottish Curling Forum.

There have even been attempts at humour, on occasion! It has become a team blog too, with Christine Stewart sharing the load from the World and European Championships.

Does it get read? It certainly does - the high point was when more than 1500 unique users logged on in one 24 hour period! When was that? You can probably guess. But there is a regular readership, mostly from the UK, but some 20% from other countries too. Thank you to all who read Curling Today regularly, I hope you have found the content useful!

The Scottish Curler magazine has had a good season too. Find out how to subscribe here.

Last question. How about a party? It will have to be a virtual one as I try to get the May Scottish Curler magazine off my desk today for delivery to the printers. If you are reading this on Tuesday April 22, may I ask you to pour yourself a wee something, and make a toast to 'Good Curling!'

Nearly forgot. One way to remember the 2007-2008 season is to have a look at the photos of the winners from this season's main competitions. These are here.


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Anonymous said...

We would like to second that! Have a good day Bob!

khan-goor said...

congrats to all CT stuff!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe a full year has passed - what would we all have done without your up to the minute information and reports. Well Done Bob.

Anonymous said...

Curling Today is such a wonderful blog, I dont know what I would do with out my daily fix! Great work over the last year Bob, long may it continue.