April 11, 2008

World Men's Curling Championship 12: Scots in Page 1-2

Going into their last game against Denmark, Scotland already knew they were safe in second place and therefore in the all important 1/2 playoff. If they lost they'd be on the same record as China and Norway, if they won their game they beat them on rankings.

It wasn't an exciting game to watch but the Murdoch four were doing a competent job, it was low scoring, Scotland led by one after eight ends. The ninth was the winning end. Danish third Lars Vilandt missed with his stone, that set up a two for Scotland.

They played the rest of the end perfectly, got the two for a three shot lead and ran Denmark out of stones in the last end to win 7/4.

Canada are top of the table 10/1, Scotland 8/3, China 7/4 and Norway, thanks to an extra end win against Australia, on 7/4.

China and Norway play at 1400 local time tomorrow (Friday), Canada and Scotland at 1900.

Find the linescores from the championship here. The event website is here. Mike Haggerty's reports are on the Royal Club website here. The CurlingZone team, Gerry Geurts and Dallas Bittle, have an event blog here.

Top pic: A happier coaches' bench this week.
Above: Recognise anyone? Scottish fans in the stands.
Pics by Hugh Stewart


Anonymous said...

how come the oldest member of the bench has the most hair?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the fifth player actually sitting beside the coaches