April 07, 2008

World Men's Curling Championship 5

Draw six at the World Men's Curling Championship in Grand Forks, North Dakota, the sun is shining and Scotland were all set to play France. The Scots had one win from three games, France two, Scotland need a win here.

The teams matched each other for scores in the first four ends, France got three shots in ends one and two, Scotland three in ends three and four, so it was start the game again. The next two were blanked but the Murdoch four managed to steal one in the seventh, France got one in eight and Scotland blanked the ninth to keep last stone for the final end.

Scotland lay one with a French stone sitting right on top of it, with his first stone Murdoch tried to close the gap through to the house, it didn't draw quite enough but the gap was narrower. French skip Thomas Dufour tried to come through it with a tap back, it hung wide and wrecked, David Murdoch didn't have to play his last stone, Scotland had their second win 5/4.

Germany are unbeaten after four games, Canada have three wins from three games, USA three from four, the Czech Republic, France, Norway and Scotland are tied on two wins from four games.

Next up? Canada tonight.

Find the linescores from the championship here. The event website is here. Mike Haggerty's reports are on the Royal Club website here. The CurlingZone team, Gerry Geurts and Dallas Bittle, have an event blog here. Check it out.

David Murdoch's photo in the game against France is by Hugh Stewart.

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