May 14, 2008

Want to be the Royal Club's Vice-president?

Back in February 22, Curling Today reported that no-one had put their name forward for nomination as the Royal Caledonian Curling Club's Vice-president, and we discussed what might happen at the AGM on June 14.

A solution to the crisis has now been proposed, but you have to be familiar with time paradoxes to really understand what has to happen. I'll try and explain, although I did have to seek clarification myself from CEO Colin Grahamslaw before getting to grips with it! The essence though is simple - introduce a Special Resolution at the AGM to allow late nominations for the post to be accepted.

The problem is that voting for the position is carried out by representative members at the AGM, and not by postal vote as are the Board Directorships. So, nominations must be received in advance of the AGM date. If nominations are received, an election can be held IF the Special Resolution is passed on June 14.

The full text of the Special Resolution is here, but if you haven't seen it yet, just read the first part: (a) Article 5.3 shall be amended by the insertion of an additional sentence at the end to say “For the Annual General Meeting held in 2008, nominations for election called for in terms of Article 5.7 shall be lodged with the Royal Club by 6th June 2008.”

So what the representative members will be voting for on June 14 is for something to have happened weeks before that. Dr Who fans will have no problem with this, I'm sure!

In fact one nomination, for Bill Marshall, has been received already. If you know someone else who would like to serve, then you have until June 6 to get your nomination to Cairnie House.

And if the above has put you in the mood to exercise your democratic rights, you can now vote for your choices for the Gala Awards on the RCCC website here!

Bill Marshall's photo is by Jan Howard

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