May 21, 2008

Muirhead team selected for European Junior Challenge

Glen Muirhead, Scott Macleod, Scott Andrews and Gordon McDougall, with David Reid as fifth player, did not have the best of weeks at the World Junior Men's Championship in Ostersund, Sweden in March. They finished in ninth place in the rankings, winning two and losing seven of their round robin games. That means that a Scottish team will have to compete in the European Junior Challenge Competition 2009 in Taarnby, Copenhagen, early in January, to try to win one of two qualifying places for European teams for next season's World Junior Championship in Vancouver.

With McDougall now too old for juniors, Muirhead has put together a new team for next season, recruiting one of his main rivals, Greg Drummond, to play third. Scott Macleod will play second stones and Scott Andrews will be lead in the rink.

The Muirhead team have been selected to be the Scottish team in Taarnby. There had been some suggestions that there might be a playoff to decide which team would go to Denmark. But the Royal Club's Performance Committee has invited Glen and his team to take the responsibility of getting Scotland into the world top ten for the Vancouver Worlds.

The dates of the competition are January 2-8, 2009. The Taarnby Club's website is here.

Last season's European Junior Challenge was held in Prague, and twelve countries took part in the junior men's event, see the Curling Today post here.

Glen's photo from Ostersund is by Bob.


Anonymous said...

absalute joke...not giving anyone else a chance is a farce. they cant do it at the worlds so they wont do it at the european B comp

Anonymous said...

who do the performance committee think they are...high handed, interfering and killing competitive junior curling. Why dont we scrap the Scottish championship have the committee select an elite team of boys and girls and tell the rest to go away and play in the corner!

Bob Cowan said...

If you feel strongly, you should make your views known to the Performance Committee. They are currently: Convenor Irene Hird

RCCC Performance Dev Coach Rhona Martin

National Coach Derek Brown

Assistant National Coach Cate Brewster

RCCC President Tom Hinnigan

RCCC Director Jeanette Johnston

Chairman of SWCA Frank Duffy

AIS Manager (Curling) Phil Reid

Wheelchair Performance & Elite Coach Tom Pendreigh

Elite Player Kelly Wood

Ladies Branch representative Patricia Thomson

Area Standing Committee Kay Gibb, Bert Duncan, Sandy Shearlaw

If required Colin Hamilton (Manager of Events) and CEO Colin Grahamslaw also attend

Anonymous said...

top poster=idiot

absalute? nice spelling.

also there is no need to show agression towards the team that have been chosen, they have done nothing wrong in this situation. you can fault the method that has been taken to select them all you like, but what you said is not needed.