May 30, 2008

Supported curlers in Scotland 2

The official list of supported curlers has now been officially released and can be found on the RCCC website here.

In addition to what I posted on Curling Today yesterday, all the Regional Academy athletes are named. There is also the info that Logan Gray and Alistair Guthrie will receive partial support from the National Academy. Both of them, plus Ross Paterson, will also receive support from their local Area Institute. There are also quotes from Royal Club Performance Development Coach Rhona Martin and CEO Colin Grahamslaw.

In summary then, there are three levels of squad support: (1) Regional Academy, supported and funded by the Royal Caledonian Curling Club and sportscotland; (2) National Academy, supported by the Area Institutes and funded by sportscotland; (3) the Elite Scotland squad, supported by the Scottish Institute of Sport and funded by sportscotland.

My count is that one hundred and eighteen curlers are receiving support in one form or another.

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