May 08, 2008

Changes at Cairnie House

Here it comes. This is Curling Today's post number 500. Not bad in little over a year!

So what's today's news? After 13 years working with the Royal Club, Theresa McDougall, the popular personal assistant to CEO Colin Grahamslaw, has decided to move on and will be leaving on May 21.

In an email to her contacts, Theresa says, "I have loved working for the Royal Club - so much - which basically means I have loved working for you and others like you - thank you so much for making my time here such a pleasure as well as a privilege and an honour."

Those of us who have worked with Theresa will miss her friendly face at Cairnie House, and wish her every success in the future.

Cairnie House will certainly have a new feel in the months ahead. Duthie Thomson (the Manager of Finance and Administration) will retire this summer (an announcement of a replacement is expected) and the Communications and Marketing Officer Annette Williams (nee Holmes) will be on maternity leave soon (again the the announcement of a temporary replacement is expected).

The image of Volvo 5144 comes from the Oxford and Chilterns Bus Page weekly news from July last. Lots more buses here. The photos of Theresa are from last year's Royal Club AGM by Bob who expects she will not miss having to take the verbatim minutes at the next AGM in June!

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Anonymous said...

If Theresa loved the RCCC so much then why is she leaving? Duthie and Theresa in one month! Is it a case of the rats abandoning the sinking ship?