November 05, 2008

WCF website revamped

As one gets older, one's memory can become a bit suspect! In his seventh decade, the Editor's recall of when and where is definitely no longer as sharp as it once was. Striving to ensure that both the Scottish Curler and this blog are as accurate as they can be (a summit that remains elusively out of reach) it is useful to have a source of facts readily to hand.

And so it has been over the last five years that the historical records on the World Curling Federation's website has been much visited for the answers to questions like, "Where were the Euro Championships in 1984?" "Who represented Canada in the 1994 Men's World Championship?", "How many games did Scotland's junior men win at the World Juniors in 2001?" and "How many times has Kristian Soerum represented Norway in International competitions?"

What a fabulous resource to have online. Paul Ahlgren was the force behind setting this up originally.

Mind you, the WCF website has not been universally liked by those who have used it regularly since its last redesign. So negative has been the feedback that the decision was made to revamp it completely. Not an easy thing to do! The more content a website has, the more difficult a job it is to do a complete redesign. The WCF has tackled the problem and the new website is up and running this morning (here).

First impressions are that it is simpler and easier to use, although there is work yet to be done. I particularly like the fact that the WCF rules are now prominent. Some content is not yet available. Frustratingly the historical records are not yet back online, so there is no need to rush to check your answers to the questions above! "Check back soon," is the exhortation. If anyone from the WCF is listening, please please make this 'soon' soon!


Daniel Field said...

Hi Bob, I am working with Paul and the service in Sweden to get the DNS issue resolved (which is preventing the results page from showing) This IS the top priority right now.


GeekMan said... is now connecting.


Bob Cowan said...

How exciting to find out that the World Curling Federation not only reads Curling Today, but is quick to act! Thanks Dan.

So, if anyone is interested in the questions I posed, the anwers are:
1: Morzine, France
2. Rick Folk, Pat Ryan, Bert Gretzinger, Gerry Richard, Ron Steinhauer
3. David Edwards, Callum Allison, Kenny Edwards, Graham Sloan, Paul Stevenson went 6-5 in Ogden
4. Twelve times

Now, if I could just get Dan and Paul to sort out the interesting sex change that you can observe if you look up 'European Junior Curling Championships'! In 1983 the girls are in the correct column, but become men in 1984 - 1987. Susan Kesley (nee Mclean, Scotland's skip in 1984) is NOT a man - her daughter Rebecca, a fine young curler, is proof, if proof was needed!