November 29, 2008

Strictly Curling at Murrayfield

So Brucie, shall we ask the judges for their comments on today's play at Murrayfield?

"They'll need the audience vote to keep them in."

"I'd like to have seen a little more aggression."

"You lost a bit of bounce on your voltas!"

"You could have been a bit more precise."

"You make such a lovely couple." (Would anyone like to sponsor the Ed's stones?)

"Would tonight's curlers please take to the ice."

"Men in Black was probably not the best theme for your samba, although the choice of Rudolph, the Red Nose Reindeer, was rather appropriate music!"

"Arrogant, full of attitude.... I loved it!"

(Unfortunate - and I'm sure accidental - placement of a team nameplate as seen on the webcast that went out round the World! The sponsor's product is really very nice.)

"I liked the intensity and arm movements."

"Gripping tale of a tango."

"You were like Cinderella, and tonight you ARE going to the ball."

"Soul tingling."

"Fab - U - Luss!"


Don't phone now. The lines aren't open and you may be charged.

The couples going straight through to the quarterfinals at 08.30 on Sunday are:
Niklas Edin
David Edwards
Goran Carlsson
Hammy McMillan

Smith, Stock, Shaw, Kapp, Meister, Brewster, Kiiskinen, Hamilton and Sik are in the dance off.

The results are all here. The webcast is here.

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