November 14, 2008

An evening at Inverness

So, here we are at the Inverness Ice Centre for the ROK 27th Highland Junior International, the second of the European Junior Curling Tour events of 2008. That's Helen King in the photo.

Glen Muirhead's team won this event last year. How's he doing this time. You can find all the results here.

You should have seen the fifth end of the Eve Muirhead v Claire Hamilton match!

Glen Muirhead against the Italian visitors.

Friday's competition. This is Italian skip Marco Pascale. He has a very strong connection to the Greenacres Rink in Renfrewshire. What is it?

Is this why they call it the Highland Junior International? This is Swiss skip Nicole Dunki (with a name like that she must have Scottish ancestry) whose team all sport the kilt!

Jaap van Dorp of the Netherlands

Graeme Black's team are going places this season. Thomas Sloan and Steven Mitchell are the sweepers here. Ally Fraser is in the head.

Dutch colour! Diederick Bontenbal.

Kerr Drummond and Blair Fraser. Caption required.

Oscar 'the Professor' Eriksson skipped his Swedish side to silver at the World Juniors last season. He's skipping a new Swedish four this year, in which Kristian Lindstrom is throwing last stones here at Inverness.

Tomorrow something never before seen in Scotland is being attempted for the first time! There's a 7.30 am draw, and ten girls' teams are involved! "What are the chances of this actually happening?" asked one skeptical fan (mother of one of the players). The Editor is not a morning person so the chance of his being on site for this historic occasion is rather small, but hopefully someone might be there to record the event! 7.30 am. Is it light then?


Anonymous said...

Might the answer to the question about the Italian skip be that his Mum started curling at Greenacres?

Anonymous said...

who gave glen the black eye?

Anonymous said...

you should have seen the other guy!!!