November 07, 2008

November's Scottish Curler magazine

November's Scottish Curler magazine has been printed and is on its way to subscribers.

That's Hammy McMillan on the cover. His team won the Lockerbie Mini Tour last month.

Inside the November issue you can read why the Editor fears that the Spirit of Curling is in danger.

There are the usual news items, competition reports, and comment. Behind the Glass this month (by Robin Copland) describes how curlers in one club in Canada recovered after their facility was wiped out in a fire. 'Can do, will do' is an attitude that we could do with more of here.

Sweepings, Curling World, Across the Border, Hibby, Looking Back, the Extra End, the Caption Competition, and the Club News page are all there as usual!

Chris Hildrey, the Chairman of British Curling, is the subject of the Maryel interview. You can even learn how you can improve your curling skills with self hypnosis! And much, much more.

Star feature this month is about the amazing curling paintings of William Winter. Enjoy!

Now, I hear that this weekend is when most people start to think about buying Christmas presents. How many gift problems could you solve by giving a gift subscription to the Scottish Curler? How to subscribe is on the inside of every magazine, or from here.

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