November 15, 2008

Saturday's Northern Lights

It was a hard day at the ROK Junior International at Inverness. You can find the results and standings here.

Paul Russell

"Can you pass me the baby powder please," says Jamie Dick.

It's a long story but this life size wooden native American is a fixture in the bar at the Inverness Ice Centre, having been rescued from a skip (no, not the curling sort of skip, the other type)! He doesn't have a name! Any suggestions?

Family blog - no need for your captions! L-R: Kimberley Smith, Jennifer Dodds, Mhairi Anderson.

Italian style - Federica Bruera and Isidora Quaglio .

Claire Hamilton

Tasha Aitken calls line as Claire Hamilton and Lauren Gray watch.

Norway's Eli Skaslien delivers, with Gina Gronseth

Anna Sloan in charge as Rebecca Kesley and Hannah Flemming watch.

Eve Muirhead with Kay Adams

I wonder how long it's going to be when in the bar behind EVERY sheet at every junior event are two laptops and two video cameras. Note to organisers. Fundraising opportunity. You could charge for the electrical connection. How about £50 per day per coach?

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