June 26, 2008

Research focus on curling

Colin Moulson is a Glasgow based optometrist specialising in 'sports vision'. This involves assessing the eyesight of elite sportsmen and women who then receive relevant advice on, for example, sight correction or eye muscle training.

Colin worked with the Scotland and GB curling squads with Mike Hay before his departure to join the British Olympic Association. He has written an article about vision and curling which has now been published in Optician magazine online. Find it here to read online, or you can download a pdf file from the page, part of which is shown above.

What do you think of Colin's findings and conclusions? A discussion thread is on the Scottish Curling Forum here.

It was fitting that one of the GB athletes be the 'face' of the article, and the Scottish Curler was able to supply the photo of Rhona, by Hugh Stewart.

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