June 09, 2008

Cresting policy

Now, I want you to study the above photograph carefully. OK? Now answer the question, "Where do you think would be a good place for a sponsor's logo?"

Well, the World Curling Federation has tackled this thorny issue (it's a tough job but somebody had to do it), thought long and hard, and adopted new cresting policies. The European Curling Federation has adopted these for its upcoming Mixed and European Championships. They are outlined here.

Until recently, the positions that were allowed were the left chest and upper and lower right arm for team sponsors' crests and Member Associations' emblems. That's three.

The right chest and upper left arm were reserved for the event sponsor of the European Curling Championships (ECC or EMCC), or an event crest of the Host Committee. That's two more places.

Right, go back to the photo. Study it carefully again. Where is the new (sixth) place that a sponsor's logo can go? Yes, you're correct! It's the SIDE OF THE LEG (between the knee and ankle) which is now reserved for a team sponsor’s crest.

According to the new regulations, "All team members must wear the crest on the same leg and the crests must be at the same height." I can just see the umpires with their tape measures already.

But should it be on the inside, or the outside? And size matters. A crest shall not be greater than 10cm (4 inches) edge to edge, or not greater than 100 square centimetres (16 square inches).

I wonder if this company would like to sponsor a team, who undoubtedly would have to promise not to put the logo on their right legs!

Thanks to the model curler in Bob's photo above. Special prize to anyone who can identify where it is and who it is!

A last thought for a Monday. How about sponsored socks?


Anonymous said...

Ludmila Privivkova i'm thinking!!??

:) Imagine that Bob :)

Bob Cowan said...

No, it's not Liudmila Privivkova!

Good try though!


Anonymous said...

world juniors 2008, ostersund. team russia Margarita Fomina

Bob Cowan said...

Well done!

It is indeed Margarita Fomina who played for the Russian junior women's team at the Worlds in Ostersund.