August 23, 2007

Have you talent on ice?

ITV is to audition soon for a new talent on ice show. Whereas skaters are the obvious target, the producers of the show are looking to get the word out to the curling community.

So, if there are any curlers out there who have talents in addition to their curling abilities, then the number to call for more information is 0845 357 0210, or you could email

Perhaps some of the teams taking part in the Curlathon at Braehead next month might fancy the opportunity of becoming television stars?

I'm not sure about the dance, but there are certainly a lot of comedians on the curling circuit, a few teams who like to have a bit of drama in their games, and the idea of a group of singing curlers just has a lot of appeal. Imagine, your skip sings his/her instructions, rather than just shouting at you! Or you could go down the Swedish route. Have a look again at Anette Norberg's video with Hammerfall!

Put your thinking hats on - this could be your big breakthrough!

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