April 23, 2007

Curlathon in September

LAST season a very successful CURLATHON was held at Inverness to raise money for the Highland Hospice. The Curlathon is back next season on September 14-15 at the Braehead rink. The event is being organised to raise funds for two hospices, St Vincent’s Hospice and the Highland Hospice.

The format will be similar to that of the Grand Match with teams from the north of the Forth representing the Highland Hospice and teams from the south representing St Vincent's Hospice. Teams play in one session during the twenty-four hour period, each session having a theme, with teams expected to dress accordingly! Each team taking part commits to raising sponsorship of £400.

The final session on September 15 is for celebrity sides. The most recent teams to enter for the International trophy are Rhona Martin’s Olympic side, and Jackie Lockhart's 2002 World Champions.

According to Braehead's Judith McFarlane the event is receiving great support from local clubs, but there is still room in the draw for others to enter. Ninety-eight teams are needed.
The organisers at Braehead promise complementary drams/refreshments and nibbles between ends, goody bags, video coverage of the event, entertainment within the bar with twenty-four hour catering and bar services, a family day packed with activities around the event, and great prizes!

Your team should be part of this big event. Join up, have some fun, and, most importantly, raise money for a good cause! And yes, a Scottish Curler team is signed up. That should be worth a photo or two!

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