April 24, 2007

Curling future at Kirkcaldy

Following the fire which damaged the Kirkcaldy rink in March there has been considerable speculation whether the rink will open again for curling. The news is good. The insurers have agreed the claim and work is well underway to ensure that the main structure of the building is sound. Asbestos which had fallen on to the ice surface has been cleared away and Health and Safety are satisfied that there is no asbestos dust in the building. Work has begun on repairing the roof.

Good news for curlers is that popular competitor and great supporter of the sport, Lynne Stevenson, has been elected to the rink's Board, and she is now Director of Curling. Her job will be to listen to the concerns of the curlers and oversee anything pertaining to the sport, eg the quality of the ice, and the running of competitions.

Lynne's photo is from last season's Scottish Seniors' Championship.

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