August 26, 2007

If you cannot get ahead get a hat

The silly season that marks the end of August continues, with the new curling season imminent. News today of a 'must have' curling accessory for the keen fan of the sport. The curling hat!

Keir Kurinsky is the president of He hopes his initiative will bring together curlers from around the world to help celebrate and promote our wonderful sport. Absolutely!

The hats are molded to the exact specifications of real curling stones! They can be customised with a country flag. I can just see Scots supporters in the barmy army with their saltire-bedecked stone bunnets at the Euros and Worlds in the season ahead!

Wait a moment, though. Why should they just be for the fans? Should they not have been worn by the WCF Executive members as they sat round the table in their deliberations at the WCF headquarters at Tay Street, Perth, last week. (I wonder what was discussed?)

Or perhaps the hats should be compulsory headgear for the Royal Club Board directors at their monthly meetings?

Seriously though, curling photographers should wear them. As camouflage. Blend in with the surroundings as they are out in the rink trying to get that perfect action shot. Become less of a distraction to the curlers. (Memo to self. Buy hats for Scottish Curler photographers)

Take this photo of Hakan Sundstrom, the Swedish Curling Association Secretary and Swedish correspondent for the Scottish Curler magazine, in action with his camera a couple of seasons ago. Should he not be wearing a curling stone hat? Actually he may well be. Hakan joins the over-60s this week.

Happy birthday Hakan!

How much do these wonderful hats cost? Thirty dollars and worth every cent. Bulk discounts available. Buy online. Also seen on eBay.

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Keir said...

Thanks for the plug!

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