August 05, 2008

The day the Editor got stuck

The second Royal Caledonian Curling Club camp of the summer is on this week, again using the facilities of the Galleon Centre, Kilmarnock, and the Dolphin House Outdoor Education Centre at Culzean. And before I go any further, I think that appreciation should go to the staff at the Galleon for providing the good curling ice outwith the season, and for the instructors and staff at Dolphin House who drive the youngsters hither and thither, feed them, and provide a cocktail of fun and adventure!

This is the first year that there has been demand for two camps. And it's the first year to include a group of young curlers from Norway. Twenty eight young curlers, aged 12-17, are at camp this week.

The first camp was described here. Above and below are some pics from yesterday.

Top: the group on the beach at Dolphin House yesterday.

The hard working coaches. L-R Graham Sloan, Kay Gibb, David Horne, Judith McFarlane, Brad Askew.

Judith with her group at the Galleon.

The Norwegian visitors. L-R: Coach Kirsten Gronset, Silje Reite, Eli Skaslien, Ingrid Gronset, Kristine Stulen, Pia Trulsen.

Pia showing her Olympic genes!

A head emerges from a narrow opening way down in the caves below Culzean Castle. The Editor found he was too big to get through this squeeze, and got well and truly stuck. In fact it took considerable pushing from instructor Kenny Dunlop and pulling from Graham Sloan (thanks guys) to get him out of the plug! All in a day's work of course, for your intrepid reporter to bring you the latest for Curling Today!

Janine Phillips had no problems navigating the tight cave passage.

The shift clocks off.

It was a lovely day to be crawling around in the mud underground! (Thanks to Graham Sloan for taking this pic)

Volleyball on the beach.

Pulling together in front of Dolphin House.

Team building!

It is not all fun and games. Yesterday's evening seminar was about drugs in sport.

Judith begins her seminar.

Pics by Bob, except where indicated. Thanks to all for a great day!

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