July 23, 2008

Summer camp

The Royal Caledonian Curling Club summer camp, the first of two this year, is underway this week using ice at the Galleon Centre, Kilmarnock, and the facilities of the Dolphin House outdoor education centre at Culzean Castle. Judith McFarlane, the RCCC Development Manager, is the organiser.

Twenty-seven youngsters, aged 13-16, were already enjoying themselves, and learning more about our sport, when I saw them on Monday. After the morning at the rink, coasteering, exploring the caves at Culzean, archery and mountain biking, all with the Dolphin House instructors, were on offer in the afternoon. Here are a few photos to capture the flavour of the day!

Top: the campers.

Serious time on the ice - Fraser Davidson and Kyle Waddell!

Rachel Hannen.

Judith with her group at the Galleon.

Fun things to do on the ice!

Craig Waddell demonstrates his archery skills.

Off underground!

The coaches: L-R Albert Middler, Judith McFarlane, Marion Murdoch, Laura Morris.
Photos by Bob.

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Kerry Asher said...

summer camp was ace (: