July 27, 2008

Scotland beats Canada in St Petersburg Final

Congratulations to (L-R) Peter Smith, Euan Byers, Graeme Connal and David Murdoch for reaching the final of the World Curling Tour-Europe's Adamant St Petersburg Cup. The Scots defeated Andrey Drozdov's Russian side in the semifinal, and Brad Gushue in the final! Up 5-1 after four ends, the final score 6-3 in favour of Scotland in the six end game. See all the linescores here.

Against Norway's Paal Trulsen yesterday.

A taste of local culture!

Thanks to Armin Harder for the photos! Now, this last one has to be a caption competition. Suggestions so far: "David, have you a quick word for the Scottish Curler?" or
"Do you approve of our team's new colourful curling uniform?" or "Do you know the words for 'Mama Mia'?" Anyone do better?


enthusiast said...

"Why did you choose her? (crying...) Do you really find that colours on her blouse so similar to your beloved English flag?... (whimpering...)
And don't comfort me with that irony on your face!
(exasperating...) I don't believe you! I won't find another such a good candidade for husband among your team partners for sure!..." (totally woeful...)

Anonymous said...

Guys i think i've pulled!